Accelerating the Transition to a CLEAN Energy Future

Discover how advanced materials science has led to breakthrough performance in clean hydrogen production (SOEC) and green energy generation (SOFC)

Proton-Conducting Solid Oxide Ceramic Materials

Zero Carbon

Zero NOx

Extremely High Energy Efficiency

Widespread applications for Energy Storage and Power Generation


LERG's many years of material science research have resulted in the development of proprietary proton-conducting ceramic (PCC) materials which enable highly efficient electrochemical reactions. Whether synthesizing ammonia or hydrogen in SOEC mode or using these gases as fuel in SOFC mode, LERG PCC materials can help to expedite the world's transition to a green energy society.

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Driving the Green Energy 
Transition with the Help of Advanced Technologies


Proton-conducting ceramics enable highly efficient electrochemical reactions

Located in Dundee, Scotland, LERG operates an advanced research lab facility with a highly skilled team of scientists.

The global push for a green energy society positions LERG for significant growth

Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOEC), Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), and Green Ammonia Synthesis are just a few of the green energy products in development. 

The Future is GREEN ENERGY

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