Transformational, Economical & Environmentally Friendly Chemical Synthesis

Groundbreaking, Cost-Effective Chemical Synthesis for a Greener Tomorrow

Low Emissions Resources Corp. (LERC) has developed proprietary technology that is designed to create clean, cost-effective synthesis and transformation of compounds and chemicals that are essential to living.

LERC’s energy-efficient, high-temperature, Solid-Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC) has many applications including ammonia production from steam and nitrogen (water and air), water production from hydrocarbons (such as natural gas and coal gas), and hydrogen production from steam (water). These are basic and critical chemical applications necessary for modern life for much of the planet. LERC is a research & development company that seeks to license its technology and related applications to commercial partners around the globe.

Through licensing and long-term maintenance contracts, we believe our future is focused on initiating and commercializing LERC’s various other compelling technology applications, helping key industries lower their costs and run with either no or significantly lower greenhouse emissions.

LERC’s unique and proprietary technology is the result of over 20 years of combined material science research. This has allowed the company to formulate a ceramic reactor material that is fabricated under an equally unique and proprietary process, giving it the necessary qualities to perform the respective electrochemical functions. The ceramic electrolytes can efficiently conduct hydrogen (protons) or oxygen ions. By using the electrolyte in the ceramic electrochemical cell, LERC can create reactions not able to be undertaken in a traditional chemical plant. The applications listed below are based upon the core electrochemical processes performed by our technology.

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Energy Storage & Distribution
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Emission-Free Fuel for Transportation
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