Creating a Green Energy Future

Ammonia SOFC Collaboration  Project with St Andrews University Announced


The PowerHouse secures its first project to explore innovative research into decarbonising the maritime transport sector.  LERG partners with SAU, the Port of Cromarty Firth, and ZEM Fuel systems to address urgent green energy needs.

28 companies pledge to accelerate use of decarbonized hydrogen at COP26

The pledge was made by companies across industries including mining, energy, vehicles, equipment manufacturing, and financial services.  Speeding up the use and production of hydrogen power, the pledges equate to a quarter of the decarbonization potential for hydrogen by 2030. 

Jim Cramer declares ‘its time to take hydrogen energy seriously as the technology emerges as a reliable alternative source of green energy. 

Increased Funding for Zero Carbon Maritime Initiative

A consortium including HSE has been given funds to explore safety and feasibility of alternative energy sources to help achieve net zero goal by 2050. Those sources include hydrogen infrastructure. 


When our parent company, LERC, was founded in 2015, we focused on producing green Ammonia using our Proton Conducting Ceramic technology. Since then, LERG was established with a state-of-the-art ceramics extrusion testing and development lab in the UK and the focus switched to hydrogen electrolysis technology. With the shift in focus, came our development of our Proton-Conducting Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cell (PCC-SOEC) system for high purity H2 gas. Lab verifications show this system to be the one of the most energy efficient, cleanest, and durable H2 synthesis systems on the market. Based on the changing needs, we continue to develop world class performing systems.

“If just 1% of the heavy long-haul trucking moves to hydrogen powered vehicles, that would create a $20 billion annual market for hydrogen…”
- Jim Cramer on Mad Money

We are in a moment in history where the world is starting to realize that what we choose to do next will shape all of our futures. LERG has envisioned a way to make that future entirely green. As global regulations develop, every industry begins to feel the pressure to change their existing systems as efficiently as possible. With our science-backed technology which removes carbon along the entire chain and can be used for both power generation and energy storage, we will provide a crucial element to the coming shift. While seeing the growing momentum, we also recognize the requirement for sector coupling in order to create the change the world needs and are ready to contribute. We have been prepared to meet the urgent demand for green hydrogen and have the potential to develop the most energy efficient electrolyzer on the market. Investing in us is investing in the green future we see. 



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LERG’s Ammonia (NH3) Fuel Cell can use ammonia directly as a fuel.  (No cracking or purification required).  The energy output of the ammonia fuel cell can power the ship’s propulsion systems and other electrical system requirements.


Green energy is recovered from the consumption of green H2 using a Proton-Conducting SOFC with no greenhouse gas or NOx emissions.

Power Generation

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(Green) H2 is synthesized from water (steam) - using Proton-Conducting SOEC technology, giving it the potential to be the most energy efficient electrolyzer on the market.