Who We Are

Scotland based LERG was founded in 2015 by its US-based parent company LERC (Low Emissions Resources Corporation). LERG is an innovative product and technology development company using advanced materials science to solve complex chemical engineering problems in the green energy space. The company is focused on the development and commercialization of ionically conductive ceramic materials for specialized electrochemical processes.



In pursuit of that goal, LERG established a state-of-the-art R&D lab embedded within its ceramic prototyping facility located in Dundee, Scotland, and benefitting from the academic support of nearby St. Andrews University.


Our team actively collaborates to identify, test and implement leading edge material science. to support our product development.  The team leverages each others’ knowledge and skills to think ‘outside the box’.

As the need changes, so should the technology. We develop systems which are not only applicable to many different industries, but also are able to adapt to the constantly evolving science and global regulations.

We understand that creating the change we want to see requires collaboration and we actively strive to work with multiple universities and companies partners to shape that transition.  Many of our successful partnerships have been identified by our laboratory team.