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Low Emissions Resources Corp. (LERC)

It’s Not Just A Job, It’s An Opportunity To Change The World

LERC has created a technology that will build a new and exciting market while benefitting society as a whole. With over 20 years of combined research, LERC has developed groundbreaking electrochemical and material science technology that can be transformational for the industrial chemical industry, the fresh water synthesis industry and the energy storage and propulsion industries.  This is not just “building the new”, but building a base from which more and more new discoveries are possible.

At LERC we have created a green, cost-effective method of synthesizing various chemicals and compounds which are critical to much of modern life on earth. This also creates a ubiquitous platform that is unconstrained by scarce resources or large capital expenditure. LERC’s energy-efficient, high-temperature, Solid- Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC) has many applications including ammonia production from steam and nitrogen, water production from hydrocarbons, and hydrogen production from steam. Beyond synthesis lies the realm of energy storage with its vast potential to solve a long list of constraints that currently hinder progress. With our technology the possibilities go on and on. At LERC, we plan to explore every street and avenue to ensure we are doing the most we can. To do this we need the best people available to help us improve the world we all share.

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